Full-spectrum lifestyle and career hub at Eton Centris

As published in Manila Bulletin on September 23, 2015


Today’s most admired companies in the world are known for enabling employees to merge passion for their careers with leisure and entertainment. Name any of the famous companies where people dream of working. They are all famous for innovativeness, productivity, creativity ­ getting real results ­ even as (or precisely because, say many experts) they allow their employees some at­work fun and relaxation. Open­air spaces, free massages, gourmet coffee services, even soda fountains and gaming rooms ­ they remind employees that working hard gives them all the right to play hard.


centris2While many of these dream companies are headquartered in the most progressive cities in the west where future­forward thinking is popular and more commercially supported; it still hasn’t stopped organizations in other countries from being inspired and following suit And while not eveiy office can afford the rock­climbing walls, in­house wellness centers and organic farms found at some global giants, some still find means to remind employees that enjoying life makes them better and more promotable at work, and vice versa. One of the best ways is by locating their organizations in vibrant lifestyle hubs where employees can make an impact in their industries, while easily accessing diverse activities and attractions to reward themselves, unwind, and bond with loved ones.

centris3There are many such hubs in the Philippines. This year, one of them continues to expand and modernize its infrastructure in order to offer more opportunities for recreation and enterprise. At the heart of one of Quezon City’s booming business districts, Eton Centris presents 12 hectares of seamlessly integrated office buildings, shopping complexes, restaurants, an events venue, and other services. Inspired by “new urbanism”, it places exciting establishments, boutiques, and dining areas in expansive spaces complete with landscaped and wide walkways. It is perfect for the professionals working in major BPO offices here, as well as their loved ones, and those seeking a dynamic lifestyle. They can easily take a break, enjoy quality time with family and Mends while taking leisurely strolls and bicycle rides, enjoying outdoor activities, or shopping and dining to their hearts’ content.


This mega­complex at the corner of E. De Los Santos and Quezon avenues is accessible via MRT and EDSA. With the new developments, city­dwellers can expect an even more exciting scene.




One of the improvements is the expansion of Centris Walk, Eton Centris’ promenade of upscale dining choices, specialty shops, fitness studios, and fun family activities. The new Centris Walk Extension is set to house more establishments, providing denizens more options for dining, entertainment, and wellness.




“The Eton Centris Walk was designed with every individual in mind. We wanted to create a development that will take away the hustle and bustle feeling despite being in one of the busiest places in the metro,” explains Arch. Abelardo Tolentino, president and CEO of Aidea Philippines Inc., chosen by Eton Properties to design the Centris Walk Extension. Counted in the top 100 architectural firms in the world, Aidea has been in the business over 20 years, designing world-class structures as far as Paris, Rome, Geneva, Dubai, and Chicago.


The Centris Walk Extension takes its style cue from the greenery, covered walks, and giant disc canopy of the original design. The result is a modern, minimalistic courtyard­style area, complete with wall­to­wall glass panels that let in natural light as well as other components of clean, green architecture.


To provide a more relaxing and enjoyable venue for artistic performances and the well­attended weekend market, the Walk is also getting a new fountain and amphitheater.


“The intent was to cohesively connect the retail, restaurant, and upscale specialty store clusters around the entire development, which was creatively translated into simple yet modern articulation with more breathing spaces,” Tolentino adds.


centris5Among the tenants at Centris Walk is Plana FORMA, a fitness hub that specializes in the fast, dynamic and exciting synergy of dance, pilates, yoga and Physique 57, a vigorous workout that aims to strengthen a muscle group. In an article posted in its website, Plana Forma owner Christina Lagdameo shared: “Plana Forma caters to everyone, from young to old, women and men, all having various levels of fitness.”




There is also Centris Station, a two-floor mall connected to the MRT and other commuter transport options. Located here are more shopping and dining options as well as banks, a supermarket, and a pharmacy.


The combination of foodie finds, shopping thrills, and pampering services continue tof attract well­to­do residents and known personalities living in nearby villages and high­rises to Eton Centris.




With the four previous Cyberpod Centris buildings now all fully leased to top companies and outsourcing firms, Eton Centris is now adding Cyberpod Centris Five to fulfill the city’s growing demand for prime office spaces. The 25­storey project is being built for BPO companies servicing global clients and looking for a career hub that will inspire their people.


Like the previous buildings, Cyberpod Centris Five provides convenient access to transit systems, sufficient elevators, telephone and data conduits, emergency back­up power, full security system, and ample parking space. The expected increase in the number of employees from the new building will provide a steady stream of income, too, for commercial establishments that may be interested in locating here.


Eton Centris is also fulfilling the need for a quality events venue in the area. Its modern events space Elements offers 2,000 square meters of air­conditioned halls and suites, as well as beautiful landscaped gardens and sufficient parking spaces for corporate gatherings and social events.


With its diverse recreational options and quality work facilities, Eton Centris makes it possible and pleasurable to mix lifestyle aspirations with career ambitions and know real success in life.


The Eton Properties Promise

With over 25 properties under its wing, Eton Properties continues to deliver unique developments that meet the residential, office, retail and mixed­use needs of the market. It also brings its expertise in developing, managing and leasing spaces in subdivisions, high­rise and mid­rise buildings, commercial centers, events venues, and even BPO hubs to provide lifestyle and enterprise centers in both prime locations and emerging growth areas.


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