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As published in Business Mirror on April 22, 2015


IMAGINE a stroll at dusk along the cobblestone roads of Intramuros. Or in a picturesque park just an arm’s reach from where you live. Perhaps an afternoon jog as the beautiful sunset casts a golden glow along the famed Manila Bay. Imagine dining at quaint restaurants that offer the best and authentic Spanish or Chinese cuisines in town. Imagine basking in the unique charms of Manila, a captivating place that evokes sweet nostalgia. These are just some of the lovely scenes that 8 Adriatico offers.


Standing 42­story tall at the corner of Padre Faura and Bocobo streets in Manila, 8 Adriatico enjoys a location that reflects the rich culture and heritage of the city. 8 Adriatico perfectly captures the unique charms of Manila—the rich culture that traces back to history, and the colorful mix of old and new establishments, juxtaposed in a place that evokes Old World charm and modern feel.


Developed by Eton Properties, the property arm of the Lucio Tan Group of Companies and one of the leading fullrange developers in the Philippines, 8 Adriatico delivers hassle­free “move­in­ready” units that range from studio to onebedroom, two­bedroom, as well as small­office­home­office (Soho), which can be combined by the owner.


This modern residential and Soho condominium is the perfect place for those who love both the pulsating vibe of colorful Manila and its exciting lifestyle, yet still want to feel deeply attached to its rich heritage. Its proximity to key destinations, such as historical landmarks, government offices, top corporations and universities, major malls, hospitals and tourist hubs guarantee the owners not only scenic views, but also the pride of place and a sense of community. Going to nearby key destinations like Makati and Pasay business districts is also easy as 8 Adriatico is only a stone’s throw away from major thoroughfares.


Among the amenities that residents can enjoy are adult and children’s swimming pools, a fitness center, a function room and a retail strip, as well as a medical clinic at the ground floor.


They say the most important factor in choosing a place to live in is location. 8 Adriatico gives you an excellent one at that. And more.

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