Full Text of the Speech of Eton Properties COO Karlu Tan Say at the Eton Town Hall Meeting

“Good morning everyone!

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all who offered prayers & support for my family during this difficult time of grief.

Thank you also for showing your support to Eton’s newly appointed officers: Mr. Ramon Pascual as President & yours truly, as COO.


Karlu Tan Say

Ms. Karlu Tan Say expressed her vision as the new COO of Eton Properties Philippines.

As your new COO, I dedicate my time to work towards Eton’s brighter future. I humbly ask for everyone’s full support to work effectively as a team by adapting a culture of cooperation & transparency. Let us enable Eton to take that quantum leap to become the most improved & most efficient real estate developer in the country.

I will be focusing on these 6 important points in running Eton:

  1. Vision
  2. People
  3. Data
  4. Processes
  5. Issues
  6. Buy-in

Everyone needs to be clear of our VISION of pushing forward with our 3 mandates:

  1. Increasing leasing revenues by adding more leasable spaces that we can build affordably & fast;
  2. Building with the purpose of increasing land values in our two main townships;
    • Eton Centris
    • Eton City
  1. Converting the stakeholder’s enormous land bank assets into cash flow.


Human Resources is the backbone of every successful organisation. As much as possible, we would want to train & promote from within. I believe each one of you is a deep well of resources that can contribute to the overall well-being of Eton. I aim to tap your knowledge and experiences. I want to hear from all of you because I value your inputs.


Let us improve our Data Collection System in order to capture accurate numbers. Kindly take the extra mile to ensure the solidity of our data. Nothing should be based on anecdotal stories or hearsay. We need reliable reports. We cannot improve what we do not measure accurately.


  • Accurate data produce reliable reports.
  • Reliable reports produce sound recommendations.
  • Sound recommendations produce great decisions.


There’s also a lot of room for improvement when it comes to our processes. It’s been a while since we began efforts to transcribe Eton policies & procedures. I would like to congratulate & thank the few Departments that have already completed their Policies & Procedures. I know this is a tedious process, but I strongly urge all the other department heads to diligently work on these so we can promptly compile a Complete Guidelines Manual for everyone’s benefit & use. I’m certain that your efforts will prove to be a profitable exercise to review & improve all the processes in your specific departments.


Every company is in a business of problem solving. Every department should be able to work fittingly as a team within its own, & with other concerned departments to address & resolve issues in a timely manner. Any unresolvable issues should immediately be brought up to the Eton Executive Council. My brother created this Council for this very purpose. I would like to remind everyone that my door is always open for all.


I need a commitment from each & every one of you to be of the same heart & mind in working towards this common goal of creating, as our corporate values state, “an empowered organisation with a culture anchored on integrity, & characterised by passion for excellence, collaboration, accountability & customer focus.”

It is my earnest wish that all of us be open & willing to take on new challenges as we face the ever-changing expectations from the market.

I believe, by working together this way, we can truly achieve success, as envisioned by my brother Bong.

Now I have a question for everyone, the answer to which I hope will be a big resounding “YES!”

Are we “All In” for Eton?

Cheers to Eton’s brighter future!”