Eton Properties holds Taho Thursday event for 8 Adriatico residents

Eton Properties goes the extra mile in after­sales service by sponsoring events in the community that aim to enrich the lives of the residents.


In 8 Adriatico, residents were treated to delicious taho treat that generated countless smiles among the unit owners and tenants. The first 120 residents were treated to yummy flavored hot and chilled taho.


“Eton Properties believes that taking care of the company’s relationship with its clients is something that the company needs to do proactively and consistently. This is why we develop programs to anticipate our clients’ lifestyle needs in advance,” said Martha Herrera, Eton Properties AVP for Marketing, PR and Corporate Communications.


At Eton Properties, the customer is always at the core of the company’s every undertaking, even long after the turnover has been done.

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