Welcome Prosperity Into Your Home This Year

With the New Year just around the corner, it would be delightful to attract positive energy into your home. It does not matter whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, what matters is that you attract good health and harmonious personal relationships within the household. Here are some easy and practical ways to invite strong Chi into your home and draw vibrant energy all year round:





a.  The front door should be the most prominent feature of your home and the first thing that guests would notice when they pay you a visit, make this stand out by adorning it with plants on its sides or lighting wind chimes to make it look attractive;

b. Check your front door for cracks and squeaks, as these may not invite good vibes to begin with.





a. The living room is the center of your home, windows should be open to allow natural light and good ventilation in;

b. Position your furniture in the west and south side of the living room to invite the sunshine in;

c. Keep your furniture to a minimum, too much furniture can obstruct the flow of energy;

d. Enhance your living room by decorating with symbols of prosperity such as coins or lucky plants.





a. Use fresh plants and flowers to attract good luck;

b. Remove televisions and clocks to help people focus on the food, as well as, good conversations during meal time;

c. Consider a round or an oval shaped table for your dining room to enable a smooth flow of energy in the area.






a. The kitchen is the center of wealth in one’s home, it is best to contain this good fortune and install a partition between the kitchen and the front door so that the kitchen is not visible from your main entrance;

b. Keep your kitchen always clean and organized to charm good health for yourself and those you hold dear.






a. Declutter, throw away the things that you are not using anymore;

b. Hang up paintings that inspire you and improve your mood, avoid those that make you feel depressed;

c. Position your bed in an angle where you can see the door to be ready for the blessings coming in.







a. Your kitchen as the center of wealth, should not face the toilet because of the belief that wealth will be flushed down. Hence, always keep the bathroom door always closed.






The New Year is always the best time to begin afresh. Make sure to start it on a positive note for good fortune to overflow in your home, and in your life throughout the year.