Something old, something new at Eton’s 8 Adriatico

As published in on April 21, 2015


Eton Properties’ development in Manila strikes a balance between the country’s rich heritage and the brand’s desire to provide modern comforts.

Manila’s history and heritage is one that is truly rich and diverse as seen in features like Intramuros’ aging walls and the Spanish and Chinese cuisines that can be found in the streets of the nation’s capital. But amid all of these significant historical elements rises a modern structure that merges the old and the new: 8 Adriatico by Eton Properties.


Standing at the corner of Padre Faura and Bocobo Streets, the 42-level 8 Adriatico offers modern amenities like swimming pools and fitness centers, while keeping residents close to key destinations like malls, hospitals, and universities. And as a mixed-use building, 8 Adriatico offers both residential and SOHO (small-office-home-office) units that are “Move-In-Ready”.


Despite its contemporary feel, however, the development never loses contact with the old world charm of Manila. The condo allows its residents easy access to the city’s top landmarks, tourist spots, and government offices. And going beyond that, being close to Manila’s major thoroughfares as well as the business districts of Makati and Pasay makes 8 Adriatico a great starting point to any place you need to get to quickly.


Learn more about 8 Adriatico by visiting their page or by contacting +639174864862.

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