Rearrange Your Home for the Year of the Dog

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2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog. In Chinese Astrology, an Earth year means it is the perfect time to make your home warm and inviting. We’ve round up tips on how to invite good luck in your home this Earth year.



1. Train yourself to be neat
Like a trained dog, the start of the year is a good time to start good cleaning habits and routine. Declutter your home and control mess even before it builds up. Adopt this routine all throughout and you arrive at a clean and peaceful environment every time.



2. Start in front
Dogs, by nature, is very territorial. They like to set boundaries and protect their space. That said, make sure that the entrance of your home is inviting and clean. You have to make evident and clear the entryway to your house. You can do this by adding lighting fixtures, attractive door or a rug. You can even apply a fresh coat of paint to your door to make it more inviting.




3. Focus on your dining room
The dining room is an important room of the Chinese Element Earth. It should exude an inviting feel and people should not have a feeling of in a hurry when they stay in it. You can use soft colors like pink terracotta, beige, gray, or pale brown. Moreover, round tables enables smooth flow of positive energy into a home.




4. Splash a fresh coat of paint
Inviting positive energy can also be done by splashing a fresh color of paint to even just one room. Choose the room in your house which is in most need of updating and focus on that room. You can use light colors like light blue, light green or yellow.




5. Prosperity plants
It is also very advisable to add plants into your house to attract good fortune. Apart from drawing positive energy, it can also help brighten up a room of remove harmful toxins in the air. Popular plants for good luck are bamboo, money plant, orchids, Chinese evergreen, and jade plant. Avoid spiky plants like cacti and agave.