Quezon City’s glory days never end

As published in The Philippine Star on November 13, 2016


The advantages of living in Quezon City are many and well­-known. Wide paved roads, choice establishments, transportation options, great neighborhoods with interesting people, the location of key institutions like schools, hospitals, churches, and government offices – the city promises a lifestyle that meets what different communities need. And the impressive thing is that it delivers. Just ask any of its loyal residents. Ranging from the families who have lived here for generations, to the newly minted QC denizen who moved here to work and play, they all have something convincing to say about their choice of area in big, crazy Manila.


Those who have stayed in QC for more than five decades will remember the city in its “glory days”. Back in the late 1940s, the city named after one of the country’s most inspiring presidents was officially recognized as the capital of the whole Philippines. As the acknowledged center of the nation, QC was where it all happened. This was where commercial, artistic, cultural, educational, and social endeavors merged and thrived together. It established a new set of standards for what the modern, successful, and progressive cities of the Philippines should always aspire to be. And while the official recognition as capital of the nation has been transferred to Manila itself, QC continues to raise the bar in all the ways that matter. Those who are new or relatively new in QC will attest to this. They will say that the developments that continue to happen in QC make it a prime environment for however urban success is defined today. They will say that QC has never stopped growing, it has never stopped moving industries, communities, and individuals to this day. and that it will never stop doing so.


Quezon City at its very best


Within the borders of the city lie enclaves that fulfill every need, want, whim, and desire of today’s hardworking Filipinos, their families, and their friends ­ proof that QC has never really stopped enjoying its golden days. Among these enclaves, there is one that now stands tall and wide, staking its 12-­hectare claim at the heart of Quezon City and showcasing the very best of what the locale has to offer.

The name of this development is Eton Centris. It was built and designed as the prime mega-township in Quezon City, the country’s largest city and the preferred convergence point north of Manila. It is a full­-spectrum career and lifestyle hub, integrating technology-­driven offices with shopping, dining, and entertainment options.


Sucess at the heart of Quezon City


Being at the center has many perks for any business. Also a transport hub strategically located at two of the country’s biggest thoroughfares (EDSA and Quezon avenues) and at the gateway of QC’s Triangle Park CBD, Eton Centris is an enviable place for pursuing one’s biggest ambitions. Its central location, good accessibility, elegant and quality infrastructure, expert property management, and marketing support make it an attractive location for BPO and IT companies, as well as entrepreneurs seeking to explore interesting lifestyle concepts. Companies and businessmen who lease commercial and retail spaces here can be assured of great foot traffic, including over 70,000 people a day care of the connected MR7 station, passengers of some 8,400 private cars, 6,400 taxi cabs, and motorcycles and shuttle services. There are also more than 13,000 individuals with disposable income who spend eight hours or more here. The transport terminals within this mega­-complex give employees and customers the flexibility to be where they need to be. Furthermore, Eton Centris provides advertising, online, and promotional support to tenants, as well as round-­the-­clock security for everyone’s safety.

With the continuing growth of the BPO sector in the Philippines, top companies and global offices have already chosen to be at Eton Centris. Its Cyberpod cluster will soon have five buildings with over 139,000 sqm of leasable space, complete floor-­to-­ceiling finish, 100 percent back-­up power, and reliable telecommunication lines. Of these, four buildings have been completed and leased out to be the Manila home of some of the biggest international tech and customer contact firms.


Focus on what matters


Eton Centris is fully supportive of the growing work­life movement. The mega­township’s design boasts of wide-­open and green spaces perfect for outdoor activities and concerts. The stylish architecture incorporates covered walks, al fresco dining options, ample parking, and a well­-planned street network. There are also regular weekly and monthly artistic performances and other special events that always give people something new to look forward to. Eton Centris provides all these lifestyle and leisure delights, helping those who come here experience the enjoyable and meaningful life that most people only dream about. At Eton Centris, there’s a venue for every interest and pursuit.

The recently expanded Centris Walk is a courtyard mall that gracefully curves around the offices, giving employees here breathing and walking space that allows them to enjoy the fruits of their hard labors. It houses retail and dining spaces providing international products and services. Upcoming expansion will increase the number of clusters to four, adding a recreational zone and play area for families and children, an amphitheater and dry fountain, a new events and activity area, and a high­-end retail wing with luxury brand stores.

For nearby residents, small to medium-­sized enterprises, and TV networks in the city, Elements offers 1,100-­plus sqm of elegant event space. Elements is a customizable venue, with two grand halls that can be combined to accommodate up to 700 seated guests. From weddings, big birthdays, location shoots and pictorials, to conferences and trade fairs, the possibilities are endless.

Directly connected to the MRT’s Quezon Avenue terminal, Centris Station is a quick­-stop hub for commuters and QC residents. The two-­level commercial center houses boutiques, restaurants and food stalls, and a major supermarket.

In a city with a population of 2.73 million people, it’s inspiring to know that there’s still room for both growth and fun, that there are still opportunities to have an invigorating work life while enjoying its rewards with the people that matter. At Eton Centris, there’s space and opportunity for every need, wish, and dream as Quezon City remains forever in its heyday.


Eton Properties is the real estate brand of the Lucio Tan Group, one of the biggest business conglomerates in the Philippines, Its foreign counterpart, Eton Properties Ltd., is an established real estate brand in Hong Kong and mainland China. With an extensive land bank in strategic locations all over the country, Eton specializes in offices, commercial centers, high-­end and mid­-income high-­rise and horizontal developments. and mixed-­use township developments.

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