Eton WestEnd Square: The city grind halts at the gates of Makati’s new urban enclave.

As published in The Philippine Star on October 23, 2015

westend3It is no secret that everybody wants to be in Makati, Who wouldn’t? With headquarters of all the top companies, big shopping complexes, green spaces, hotels, fitness centers, theaters, museums, galleries, restaurants, trendy bars, and financial institutions, it has everything city­ dwellers can ever ask for. Makati, everyone’s favorite model city, is its own ecosystem. What it needs, it can provide, and those who call this home and career central know these perks and the location’s myriad attractions very well.


The challenge, though, is being able to escape the frantic pace Makati sets. It’s not the fault of the city. It is just buzzing with big industry, ambition, and aspirations. While the city provides an assurance that those who work well and hard to be at top of their game can have finest of pleasures, its demand can diminish the fun from the lives of those who want to live less conventional lives, or at those who prefer to enjoy a good time other than what the usual Makati haunts provide. Thankfully, there is a side to Makati where those with more unconventional and creative approaches to life can flourish.


Meet the west side of Makati. Bordered by Ayala Avenue, South Luzon Expressway, and Nicanor Garcia Street, it is central enough to provide access to the main draws of the Makati business district, yet it is tucked away enough that it provides an urban oasis for the professionals, executives, families, and artists who choose to be situated here. Here, colorful and fancy cars make way to jeepneys and neighborhood tricycles, major malls find competition in converted spaces meant for more independent retailers, chain restaurants slug it out versus resident­owned food nooks, and high heels are traded for comfortable flip­flops. All these happen without compromising taste and elegance; it is just the vibe of this locale ­ laid­back, artistic, and equal parts exciting and calming.


Self-sustaining mini-city


Adding another dimension to this happy area is the new community project by prime developer Eton Properties, the real estate arm of the Lucio Tan Group of Companies. Called Eton WestEnd Square, the mixed-use one-hectare development is inspired by the coolest, most trend-setting boroughs of London. For the project, the WestEnd of London merges with Filipino flair in a minimalist design that will add a memorable and elegant new component to the Makati skyline.


westendEton WestEnd Square will be its own self-sustaining mini­city, providing dwellers opportunities to work, shop, eat, and enjoy themselves without ever leaving the complex. Within it will be two residential buildings, a BPO building, and boutique mall. Bound by Chino Roces Avenue, Yakal and Malugay Streets, it is near the major thoroughfares of Ayala and Gil Puyat Avenues, offering access to countless more career, dining, retail, and entertainment options.


Stylish home spaces


Blakes tower will be a 44-floor condominium commited to creating and inspiring place for artists, as will be seen in the building’s public area. The lobby itself is set to be a neutral-toned breathing space with modern art on the walls and accent pieces made of indigenous materials. The development will be completed with unique, first­class amenities not found in many other residential buildings. A sundeck will be dedicated to facilities clearly planned with tenants’ complete wellness in mind. The lagoon pool, jogging trails, and fitness gym will be perfect for the physically active, while the meditation spaces and readers’ corner will be great for those seeking to unplug and unwind. Families and friends can gather at the barbecue and picnic areas on sunny days, while the events hall and recreational room can be used for special occasions. Blakes Tower will continue to showcase a love for arts and culture by designating spaces as art wall, artists’ corner, library, and even a film & music room!


Eton WestEnd Square also houses the now­finished and occupied Belton Place. Rising 39 stories, it has been the home of executives and professionals for a couple of years now, giving them a modern elegant address with easy access to the very best Makati has to offer.


westend2Career and business centers


Keeping the community development well­rounded is another building of Eton WestEnd Square. The structure contains both the eWestPod and the eWestMall.


The eWestPod, envisioned with sleek architecture and modern interiors, will be four floors of office spaces meant for BPO companies. It aims to give employers and employees increased work­life balance, giving them a feel of the Makati buzz, but without the frenzy that comes with being in the center of the business district.


The eWestMall will be two floors worth of retail and commercial units, best for businessmen looking for a Makati store or restaurant space for their enterprises. With the expected foot traffic, the site is set to become a compact paradise for shoppers and diners, urban families and groups of friends.


The Eton Properties Promise

With over 25 properties under its wing, Eton Properties continues to deliver unique developments that meet the residential, office, retail and mixed­use needs of the market. It also brings its expertise in developing, managing and leasing spaces in subdivisions, high­rise and mid­rise buildings, commercial centers, events venues, and even BPO hubs to provide lifestyle and enterprise centers in both prime locations and emerging growth areas.