Eton Tower Makati: It’s time to claim the city

As published in Philippine Daily Inquirer on October 31, 2015


pr_eton_tower_makati_1AT A GLANCE, the famous skyline of Makati ­ the country’s undisputed financial and commercial center ­ is a panorama of well­meaning ambition. Buildings seem to join hands with each Other as they soar up, creating a horizon where blue skies and billowy clouds meet tempered glass and polished steel. Below, the hustle of movers, shakers, trend­makers, and dreamers determine the direction of the biggest organizations in the country, influencing the design, pace, $hd conduct of local commerce and fifestyle. They are the creators and drivers of the pulse of the city. Clearly, from the ground up to the heavens, the view Makati presents is inspiring and hopeful. It seems to say “Here. Here is where people make things happen and their dreams come true. Would you like to be one of us?”


It’s time you belonged to the city


Already, people from all walks of life and in different professions identify Makati to be the city of their dreams. From entrepreneurs and executives to expatriates and retirees, they prefer to live, work, and play here, knowing that the city and its denizens offer unparalleled support for simple goals and grand plans alike. Even Filipinos who work abroad and families seeking quality abode find the accessibility, convenience, and opportunities available in Makati to be major factors for investing to live here.


Whether the search is for prime business headquarters or elegant, nurturing living spaces, it’s easy to find the worthiest choices in Makati. Rising at the corner of Dela Rosa and VA. Rufino streets are 41 storeys filled with such superior yet practical choices ­ Eton Tower Makati. Built by Eton Properties, the real estate arm of the Lucio Tan Group of Companies, the development merges the worlds of profitable business, rewarding home fife, and exciting lifestyle in one exceptional address. Imagine walking to and from meetings (or meet­ups with friends), passing through iconic design elements and unique features, then coming home or settling into an office that offers a view of the gorgeous urban skyline; or walking around a three­storey tower garden where trees and a sea of green are brought skyward, providing a nourishing space for mind and spirit amidst the busy industry of Makati. Eton Tower Makati’s four divisions give its tenants and dwellers these gifts and so much more.


“The first two floors serve as a commercial and retail center, presenting an exceptional mix of shopping, dining, and other recreational choices,” says Martha Herrera, AVP for Marketing, PR and Corporate Communications, Eton Properties. “The high­rise is also the first to have direct access to Dela Rosa’s elevated walkway, making it easier for tenants to reach their preferred bars, restaurants, fitness centers, malls, and other favorite and important Makati destinations such as hospitals, clinics, and churches…even on foot!”


pr_eton_tower_makati_2To meet the needs of executives, whether they are business owners or self­employed, Eton Tower Makati has designed premium small­office­homeoffice (SOHO) areas.


Mere steps away from Ayala Avenue, these units provide organizations quality Headquarters that give them the space they need to go big without spending as much, all while also providing lodging for those extra busy work weeks. Start­up ventures, outsourced services, professional practices, independent firms, and corporate office branches can choose among the studio, one­bedroom, or two­bedroom configurations found on the 14th to the 22nd floors, as well as make use of the dedicated business center for bigger meetings, conferences, and seminars. The Tower also offers them complete office support requirements with power back­up, options for phone and data lines, devoted reception area and elevator.


Those who wish to own executive residences in the country’s model city can find in the Tower an urban oasis uncommon in high­rise city living. Each of the modern and spacious studio, one­ and two­bedroom units from the 23rd floor to the second penthouse level was built with residents’ breathing room in mind. Minimalist themes preside, outfitting the spaces in classic, neutral tones and streamlined tile and metal fixtures and other chic, timeless motifs (the same aesthetic applies to the exclusive residential lobby floor). Occupants can enjoy adorning their spaces as they see fit and truly making it their little piece of the world in Makati. They also have access to swimming pools, jogging paths, a gym, and a function room.


It’s a small world, but big on experience


What also sets the Tower apart from other high­rises in bustling Makati is The Mini Suites. Ever needed to rest badly after a hard day’s work, but dreading hours of traffic on the way home? Expecting consequent 12­hour or longer work days because of too many customers? Raring to impress the foreign client or boss from abroad with tasteful accommodation? The Mini Suites, Hong Kong’s trendsetting minimalist , hotel brand comes to Manila, offering it a rewarding and revitalizing stay minus the five­star price tag.


Taking design and style inspiration from Hong Kong’s Mini Hotel, The Mini Suites takes over floors six to 12 of Eton Tower Makati, offering 368 single or double rooms and 28 family rooms. Frequent and unfussy business travelers can make this their home away from home and enjoy the perks that come with staying here ­ access to Makati’s more cosmopolitan charms, cultural and historical attractions within reach, and proximity to major business and commercial destinations as well as other points of Metro Manila.


While known for offering great value­for­money, The Mini Suites does not scrimp on what matters most to its customers. To better serve its tenants, there is a gym, medical clinic, restaurant, meeting room, business center facilities, non­smoking areas, parking lots, housekeeping services, and front­desk assistance. Wi­fi is also free in all rooms and public areas.


“In The Mini Suites at Eton Tower Makati, we do away with the frivolous and the unnecessary,” says Lawrence Wee, The Mini Suites General Manager. “We design each facet of your experience with a purpose in mind. The result? A comfortable and convenient place where value meets comfort, and with everything you require and none of the inconsequential.”


Thanks to The Mini Suites and the Tower’s other units, even physicians, other hospital or health care workers, and shifting BPO office employees can find comfortable, elegant half­way homes in the city.

pr_eton_tower_makati_4It’s the call of Makati


The city of Makati, with all the quality options, ideas, and attitudes that prevail, remains irresistible. Progressive, efficient, fun, aid dynamic, it’s a place for making plans to make it big. Those who live, work, and play here have learned to live by a simple yet enlightening code of success ­ work hard, live smart, enjoy life, make an impact. This is the real secret to Makati’s unbeatable appeal.


And with inspiring spaces people can call their own ­ whether it’s for their own careers or as their living quarters ­ where they can be at their very best, rest, and grow, they are well on their way. For the assured, the independent, the astute, and the tasteful, there will always be a home for them at Eton Tower Makati.


It makes it very hard to resist the call of this city. Why not let it call you its own?


The Eton Properties promise


With over 25 properties under its wing, Eton Properties continues to deliver unique developments that meet the residential, office, retail and mixed­use needs of the market. It also brings its expertise in developing, managing and leasing spaces in subdivisions, high­rise and mid­rise buildings, commercial centers, events venues, and even BPO hubs to provide lifestyle and enterprise centers in both prime locations and emerging growth areas.

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