Eton Properties goes the extra mile for its residents REDEFINING AFTER-SALES SERVICE IN REAL ESTATE

As published in The Philippine Star on October 18, 2015


Ask anyone who has lived in a developed community all his life and you are sure to hear many of them saying how they now find it rare for developers to take care of their clients after the turnover of their property. This is what sets Eton Properties apart from other companies. At Eton Properties, the customer is always at the core of the company’s every undertaking, even long after the turnover has been done.

ss1Indeed, after­sales service in the real estate industry has many facets ­ from property management and housekeeping to leasing services and documentation. But Eton Properties goes the extra mile in after­sales service by sponsoring events in the community that aim to enrich the lives of the residents. Each event is well thought­out and carefully crafted to cater to the specific needs of residents, and unit owners.


In after­sales service, even the simplest of gestures matter. This year, Eton Properties kicked off its after­sales program on Valentine’s Day. Residents of 68 Roces, Eton Residences Greenbelt, and Eton Parkview Greenbelt received chocolate treats from Eton Properties ­ a simple gesture that generated countless smiles among the unit owners and tenants.


In North Belton Communities in Quezon City, Eton Properties sponsored a summer basketball league and their annual fiesta with the hopes that the activities will help foster camaraderie among the community members.


Eton Properties also partnered with Starbucks Coffee and launched “Eton Monday Brews.” On select Mondays within the year, a Starbucks Coffee booth was set­up in the lobbies of chosen developments. With the help of Starbucks baristas, hundreds of residents were treated to a free cup of brewed coffee or a tall Frappuccino. It was an event conceptualized by Eton Properties to help ease the dreaded Monday blues and to help Eton residents start their week right.


ss2Kids also have a place in the company’s after­sales program. In Belton Place in Makati, Eton Properties organized an Easter Egg­Hunt Party and an event dubbed “Crafternoon,” an arts and crafts workshop for kids hosted by veteran artist Precy Brady. Both events were a complete success as both children and their parents had a wonderful time enjoying the games and the fun and creative workshop.



In upscale 68 Roces in Quezon City, a successful pampering activity billed “Saturday Bliss at 68 Roces” was organized. The activity featured seasoned spa therapists from The Body Spa and Waxing Lounge. They rendered manicure, pedicure and back massage services to residents. The best part? The Eton residents enjoyed all of these services free of charge.

ss3“Eton Properties focuses on value creation and fully understanding what our clients want, now and in the future,” says Martha Herrera, Eton Properties AVP for Marketing, PR, and Corporate Communications. “In line with this, we develop programs to anticipate our clients’ lifestyle needs in advance. The after sales program of Eton Properties is just the beginning of many more company initiated projects aimed at enriching the quality of life of our residents.”


Eton Properties believes that taking care of the company’s relationship with its clients is something that Eton needs to do proactively and consistently. Certainly, the company found a creative way to achieve this through these community events. “The events were organized to make residents feel that they are part of a wonderful community. We are happy that we are starling to achieve this in our various developments.” adds Herrera.


Likewise, Eton residents showed their appreciation for the company’s sponsored activities, cementing the value of the program. “We appreciate the effort that Eton Properties is making to reach out to its clients. We look forward to more activities,” says Candice Maguad, a Belton Place unit owner.

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