Eton Properties: Expanding its footprint for growth opportunities

As published in Philippine Daily Inquirer on June 26, 2016

As with many other players in the real estate industry, the Lucio­-Tan led Eton Properties Philippines Inc. has been an active player in this cutthroat business of creating skyscrapers, landmark buildings, and structural masterpieces, and has been doing its fair share in helping boost the infrastructure sector.


A closer scrutiny, however, reveals a more distinct, strategic way of doing business that has enabled Eton Properties to become a major player in less than a decade. Today, the company remains highly bullish of its prospects for future growth, as it banks on the stellar performance of the economy.


“With economic prospects remaining bright, and with demand for business space still strong from business process outsourcing companies (BPOs), we will continue to build and expand our market. Our goal is to not just expand Eton Properties’ footprint, but to make it visible and more entrenched in the markets that truly count,” said Eton Properties president Lucio Tan Jr.


Market relevance

Eton Properties, the real estate brand of the Lucio Tan Group, currently specializes in office projects, commercial centers, high­end and midincome high­rise and horizontal residential developments, and mixed­use township developments. Its foreign counterpart, Eton Properties Ltd., is an established real estate brand in Hong Kong and mainland China.


One of the key factors that has helped Eton Properties stand out throughout the years was. the fact that it builds projects that are highly ‘ useful and relevant to the market it aims to serve. It creates for the people, understands their needs and desires, and taps the pulse of the market, rather than imposing new Ideas that may not suitably address a customer’s requirements.


And proof of Eton Properties’ success so far was evident in the sustained growth of the company and its plans to further diversify its property portfolio, which would soon include hospitality, leisure, and large district and mixed-use developments.


Eton WestEnd Square

It’s all about providing a “mini­scale modern city living without compromises” for this one­-hectare development in Makati City. Bordered by Chino Roces, Yakal. and Malugay Streets the Eton WestEnd Square is central enough to provide access to the main draws of the Makati business district yet tucked away so that it can provide the comfort of an urban oasis­ which should be more than enough for future residents and locators to enjoy that characteristic, vibrant Makati life.

This latest urban enclave from Eton, which was inspired by the coolest, most trend-setting boroughs of London, will be its own self-sustaining mini-city, providing dwellers opportunities to work , shop, eat, and enjoy themselves without ever leaving the complex. Within it will be two residential buildings, BPO offices, and a compact but comprehensive mall.


With a very family-friendly location, the residential buildings in Eton WestEnd Square, which include the Blakes Tower and Belton Place, offer a lucrative investment option for individuals seeking either to provide an ideal home for their families or to secure a steady stream of income via unit rentals.


Blakes Tower will be a 46-storey condominium committed to creating an inspiring place for artists and other creative professionals, as will be seen in the building’s public areas, while providing first class amenities not usually offered in other residential projects. The lobby itself is set to be a neutral-toned breathing space with modern art on the walls and accent pieces made of indigenous materials.


Eton WestEnd Square is also home to the completed and occupied Belton Place. Rising 39 stories, it has been the home of executives and professionals for a couple of years now, giving them a modern elegant address with easy access to the best that Makati has to offer.


Keeping the community development well-rounded is another building at Eton WestEnd Square, which houses the eWestPod and the eWestMall. The eWestPod will comprise of four floors of office spaces meant for BPO companies, while the eWestMall would occupy two floors of retail and commercial units.


Eton Centris

The Eton Centris is one destination that inspires success given that it’s a full spectrum lifestyle and career hub. One thing unique about Eton Centris is that it seamlessly merges lifestyle aspirations and career ambitions in one central location.


Eton Centris, a 12-­hectare retail and office megacomplex, is one of Quezon City’s premier convergence points. Situated at the gateway of QC’s Triangle Park Central Business District, it is a prominent development that is directly connected to the MRT Quezon Avenue Station and enjoys a central address at the corner of two major thoroughfares ­ EDSA and Quezon Avenue.


Eton Centris presents office buildings, shopping complexes, restaurants, an events venue, and other services. Inspired by “new urbanism,” this development places exciting establishments, boutiques, and dining areas in expansive spaces complete with landscaped and wide walkways.


Eton Centris is thus perfect for professionals working in major BPO offices here, as well as their loved ones, and those seeking a dynamic lifestyle. They can easily take a break, enjoy quality time with family and friends while taking leisurely strolls and bicycle rides, ‘ enjoying outdoor activities, shopping, dining, or experiencing the weekly entertainment and monthly events that usually take place in the wide open spaces of the development.


One of the improvements seen recently was the expansion of Centris Walk— Eton Centris’ promenade of upscale dining choices, specialty shops, fitness studios, and fun family activities. The upcoming Centris Walk 2 is set to add three new clusters that will house more establishments, providing denizens more options for dining, entertainment, and wellness. It takes its style cue from the greenery, covered walks, and giant disc canopy of the original design-the result of which would be a modern, minimalistic courtyard-­style area, complete with wall­-to-­wall glass panels that let in natural light as well as other components of clean, green architecture.


Meanwhile, the Centris Station, a two­-floor mall connected to the MRT and other commuter transport options, is also set to house more shopping and dining options as well as banks, a supermarket, and a pharmacy. With the four previous Cyberpod Centris buildings now all fully leased to top companies and outsourcing firms, Eton Centris is now adding Cyberpod Centris Five to fulfill the city’s growing demand for prime office spaces.­ The 25­-storey project is being built for BPO companies servicing global clients and looking for a career hub in a convenient and central location.