Eton Properties Brings Premium Lifestyles to Most Promising Locations

Picture an elegant and spacious house, beautifully furnished and with top-line fixtures. The warm afternoon glow of the sun filters through big windows through which you can see children playing safely outside. A cool breeze gathers itself from the open space and wafts through, cooling your face. You go to one of the many rooms in the house to get your wallet. There are errands to run, but thankfully, all you need are mere minutes away. You invite your kids to hop in and join you. There’s movie and ice cream to be enjoyed together later. For most people, this is the dream – a life of leisure and everyday luxury that gives way to joyful moments with loved ones. For many Filipinos, such dreams used to seem like lofty investments reserved only for the ultra-rich. Fortunately, times have changed for the better. 

The country’s growing economy and overall competitiveness have been empowering an increasing number of people to start making their first investments, and for many, this means owning property.  Additionally, in the past decade, a more mindful consciousness has been resurging, giving rise to the appreciation of alternative choices that support diverse individual aspirations. More and more people are defining success and happiness in their own ways, pursuing luxury in the uncommon, seeking their own expressions of living, and finding security and stability in myriad ways. As a result, companies have seen the value in looking beyond the acknowledged “fail-proof” options. And nowhere is this more evident than in real estate.


High-end residences in growing districts

Trusted property developer Eton Properties Philippines, Inc., the real estate arm of the Lucio Tan Group, has long seen the strategy in creating residences beyond the usual locations. In its ten years of business, it has been adding more value to communities by situating premium residences in promising locations that are far enough from the hustle and bustle of busy districts, and yet near enough to modern comforts and conveniences. The company thus finds itself in a unique position to offer diversified residential options with high-end features in dynamic locales and at reasonable prices.


Eton Properties projects such as 68 Roces in Quezon City and South Lake Village in Sta. Rosa Laguna offer advantages that can ensure buyers’ short- and long-term goals, attracting not only the moneyed class but also the new wave of hard-working individuals with growing disposable income. These homes perfectly balance luxury and utility, providing residential investments one would be proud to sell or rent out, or spaces one can live in with maximum ease, peace of mind, and enjoyment.


Tasteful residences from north to south

Among Eton Properties’ more than 28 finished developments are residential projects that open doors to premium lifestyles.


In the northern part of Metro Manila, tucked away in an assuming district of Quezon City is an oasis of calming inspiration. Sleek, streamlined homes sit in a pleasant expanse of openness – an urban hideaway that gives rise to unhindered enjoyment of life with loved ones. This is 68 Roces, a community of three- to four-bedroom modern townhouses in 3.3 hectares of gated exclusivity. Also found in the village are prime amenities including a clubhouse, adult and kid-sized swimming pools, a play area, a garden area, landscaped pathways, and upcoming commercial establishments. An electrified perimeter fence adds a layer of security. Located in Tomas Morato – a district that never sleeps – 68 Roces is designed to provide a sense of relief, a place of serenity, safety, and relaxation to allow for recovery from all the activity.


Moving southwards, the promise of lakeside living comes ashore, with verdant green spaciousness providing the backdrop to healthful, holistic living in a first-of-its-kind residential enclave. South Lake Village takes inspiration from the world’s most sought-after waterfront communities, creating 18 distinct island lots on a manmade lake. The 70-hectare self-sustained community is a showcase of elegant resort living, with expansive homes designed in the contemporary Asian aesthetic and top-class facilities. Nature-inspired walkways and bridges connect the residences and amenities, which include a village clubhouse, swimming pools for adults and children, a playground, a basketball court, barbecue and picnic areas, a jogging path and open field for outdoor activities, and three exclusive parks for the fun exploration of the lake and its many charms. It is also strategically located beside the upcoming lifestyle hub, Eton City Square which will house modern dining choices and retail options for the South community.


With elegantly designed spaces, complete features and facilities, and convenient locations, these premium Eton Properties developments make wise investments that can fulfill different buyers’ distinct needs and preferences. By building high-end homes in the most promising parts of town, Eton Properties’ top-tier residences offer great rewards – a stylish dwelling that empowers tasteful living, as well as a hard-earned investment that can reap enviable returns from now and in the future.