Eton City Square: Sta. Rosa’s newest neighborhood mall destination

In every major capital around the world, there are always specific public places that serve as the beating hearts of the city.  These are places where all the different energies of the people, the establishments, and the unique experiences find a fusion point.  These are areas where people meet with others, gather as a community, check out products from local makers, watch performances, celebrate festivals and special occasions, or simply just enjoy one’s own company.  New York City’s Times Square, Madrid’s Plaza Mayor, London’s Trafalgar Square, Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, and Venice’s Piazza San Marco are some examples.  Across decades and even centuries, while avenues, buildings, transportation, and homes change, these city squares have remained to capture the pulse of these great locales.

Taking inspiration from the world’s most-admired city hubs, Eton City Square in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is envisioned to be a neighborhood mall destination that aims to create and inspire experiences that bring families, friends, and individuals together as one vibrant community.  Developed by Eton City Inc., the four-hectare property is easily accessible via Eton Exit at South Luzon Expressway and will be home to a wide variety of commercial establishments, retail outlets, service centers, and entertainment spaces.  In conjunction with Eton City, a 600-hectare township, the commercial strip will focus on fostering personal wellness by complementing the soothing surroundings with recreational activities.

Inspiring well-being with every connection

The past two decades have seen Sta. Rosa transform into a lively residential, commercial, and industrial hub.  Now a major metropolitan area, it continues to grow in leaps and bounds, bringing more people down to South Luzon to live, work, and play.  Eton City Square aims to meet the dynamic needs of this growing population where residents, professionals, and travelers can come together.

Those who live and work in the area will find the community enhanced with the addition of a lifestyle center where their individual well-being and relationships with family and friends can be nurtured.  Eton City Square can easily become their “third place” outside of home and office, the focal point of social and cultural interactions that make them feel really connected and part of the neighborhood.  Plenty of dining, shopping, and entertainment options will offer delightful experiences that encourage togetherness and inspire happy memories.  Eton is taking great care to fill the spaces with an interesting array of establishments which include concept restaurants, classic family restaurants, delis, grocery, daycare center, fitness studios, apparel stores, learning institutions, home furnishings and accessories, spa and salon, and even a pet groomer.

Eton City Square will also be a haven for the many road trip travelers who are on their way to the region’s many outdoor, cultural, historical, and gustatory attractions. The first landmark indicating one’s arrival in Sta. Rosa, Eton City Square is both a pit stop and a destination in itself.  Travelers can take their pick from a bevy of cafes and restaurants during a stopover, or load up and finish last-minute errands at the supermarket. They can also just relax, unwind, and simply enjoy Eton City Square’s many sights and sounds.

With its strategic location and features, establishments and stores can be assured of targeted and captured foot traffic at Eton City Square.  The development offers a select number of spaces for lease, allowing the lower density of shops to enable businesses to be more visible and engage more personally with customers.

There are also plans to include relaxing pocket parks and greenery. Pop-up events such as weekend markets with organic food and artisanal treats, exhibitions of local handmade products, and art activities can be expected as well.

Interested tenants may contact Kristine Elloso at (02) 548-4058.