A lifestyle that inspires success

As published in Business Mirror on October 26, 2016


TODAY’S most admired companies in the world are known for enabling employees to merge passion for their careers with leisure and entertainment. Name any of the famous companies where people dream of working. Chances are, they are all famous for productivity and creativity—getting real results—even as (or precisely because, say many experts) they allow their employees some at-­work fun and relaxation.


While many of these dream companies are headquartered in the most progressive cities in the West, where future­forward thinking is popular and more commercially supported, it still hasn’t stopped organizations in other countries from being inspired and following suit. One of the best ways is by locating their organizations in vibrant lifestyle hubs, where employees can make an impact in their industries, while easily accessing diverse activities and attractions to reward themselves, unwind and bond with loved ones.


At the heart of one of Quezon City’s premier convergence points sits Eton Centris. A 12­-hectare megacomplex, it presents seamlessly integrated offices, retail complexes, restaurants and an events venue in an airy and lush environment. To date, the development has a total of four buildings, providing 24/7 office solutions to business-process outsourcing and infomation-­technology companies, a lifestyle and commercial strip, a two­-level transit-oriented mall, and an events venue.


Pursuing the implementation of its master plan Eton Centris broke ground for the expansion of Centris Walk, its modern retail courtyard, as well as its fifth office building in the development, earlier this year. The new office building will provide an ideal working environment to outsourcing professional’s. Likewise, the expansion of Centris Walk will introduce three new clusters that will showcase more specialty retail stores, restaurants and top fashion brands.


Modern retail courtyard


“THE expansion of Centris Walk will enhance the existing promenade of dining choices, specialty shops, fitness studios and fun family activities to offer more lifestyle options for everyone,” said Josefino Lucas, Eton Properties Deputy COO.


Centris Walk 2 takes its style cue from the greenery, covered walks and giant disc canopy of the original design. The result is a modern, minimalistic courtyard-­style area, complete with wall­-to-­wall glass panels that let in natural light, as well as other components of clean, green architecture. To provide a more relaxing and enjoyable venue for artistic performances and the well­-attended Sidcor weekend market, Centris Walk 2 is also getting a new fountain and amphitheater.


Central office address


THE central location of Eton Centris makes it a premier and ideal setting for businesses and offices. Its address at the corner of Edsa and Quezon Avenue, its direct connection to the Metro Rail Transit, and the availability of transport erminals within the development make Eton Centris very accessible to both employees and customers.

With the four previous Cyberpod Centris buildings now all fully leased to top companies and outsourcing firms, Eton Centris is now adding Cyberpod Five to fulfill the city’s growing demand for prime office spaces. The 25-­story project is being built for BPO companies servicing global clients and looking for a career hub that will inspire their people.

Like the previous buildings, Cyberpod Five provides convenient access to transit systems, sufficient elevators, telephone and data conduits, emergency backup power, full security system and ample parking space.


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