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Family MartDiningGround FloorCentris Station
JollibeeDiningGround FloorCentris Station
Mang InasalDiningGround FloorCentris Station
Denteeth Dental StationServicesGround FloorCentris Station
Fragrance FactoryShoppingGround FloorCentris Station
Quezon City Eye Specialist IncShoppingGround FloorCentris Station
ChowkingDiningGround FloorCentris Station
Julie's BakeshopDiningGround FloorCentris Station
Siomai HouseDiningGround FloorCentris Station
Juan SilogDiningGround FloorCentris Station
PS BankBankGround FloorCentris Station
Jiankang NoodlesDiningGround FloorCentris Station
El Bonito's PizzaDiningGround FloorCentris Station
Pares HouseDiningGround FloorCentris Station
Siomai House (2)DiningGround FloorCentris Station
E & E's TakuyakiDiningGround FloorCentris Station
Shawarma HouseDiningGround FloorCentris Station
Security BankBankGround FloorCentris Station
SM Hypermarket (Selling&Warehouse)SupermarketSecond FloorCentris Station
Hap ChanDiningSecond FloorCentris Station
HBC Inc.ShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Salon One ExpressServicesSecond FloorCentris Station
JockeyShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Time N KaratsShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Willgain EnterprisesShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Executive OpticalShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
CD-R KingShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Books For LessShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
C.N.AShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
OulucciShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Fuji FilmShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Quantum AmusementEntertainmentSecond FloorCentris Station
Sun CellularShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
The Generics PharmacyShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Belmere Skin Care CenterServicesSecond FloorCentris Station
Office WarehouseShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
FilaShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
GoldilocksDiningSecond FloorCentris Station
Mister Donut / Chamken Donut StationDiningSecond FloorCentris Station
Potdog Yummyyes DelightDiningSecond FloorCentris Station
Fatboys (Golden Nakz Enterprise)DiningSecond FloorCentris Station
Buko MaxxDiningSecond FloorCentris Station
Pan de ManilaDiningSecond FloorCentris Station
Redbuck'sDiningSecond FloorCentris Station
Bench To GoShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Le CadeauDiningSecond FloorCentris Station
De Original Jamaican Pattoie Shop & Juice BarDiningSecond FloorCentris Station
Treats Of LADiningSecond FloorCentris Station
Chicadeli FoodsDiningSecond FloorCentris Station
Wi-TribeShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Jr Mx MemoxpressShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Potato CornerDiningSecond FloorCentris Station
Fruitas (King of Carts Enterprises)DiningSecond FloorCentris Station
VenteShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
AmeuShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Cool Republic Toy StoreShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Cherry MobileShoppingSecond FloorCentris Station
Kuya's LumpiaDiningSecond FloorCentris Station
Tong YangDining1ACentris Walk
Gold's GymServices1-B & 1-CCentris Walk
Mazza ShawarmaDining2CCentris Walk
AsyaDining2E & 2FCentris Walk
LazermaxxEntertainment4A & 3MCentris Walk
Family MartDining4ECentris Walk
Pho Hao / My Thai / Jack's LoftDining4GCentris Walk
Beyond the BoxShopping4ICentris Walk
Pancake HouseDining4JCentris Walk
ChatimeDining4KCentris Walk
Yang Chow Dimsum Tea HouseDining4LCentris Walk
Uncle CheffyDining5ACentris Walk
Coffee Bean & Tea LeafDining5BCentris Walk
Soya BarDining5C2Centris Walk
Larry and Mau All Day DinnerDining5DCentris Walk
Center of GravityShopping2B & 2ACentris Walk
Lay Bare Waxing SalonServices4B2Centris Walk
Nail It!Services4B1Centris Walk
Plana FormaServices2G & 21Centris Walk
E-GamesEntertainment3K & 3LCentris Walk
Global Cigars & Spirit HouseShopping4HCentris Walk
Neutral GroundsShopping1ECentris Walk
KuseDining1DCentris Walk
Echo StoreShopping1FCentris Walk
PNBBankRetail GCyberpod One
PNBBankATM OffsiteCyberpod One
LBC ExpressServicesRetail LCyberpod One
7-ElevenDiningRetail MCyberpod One
Shakey'sDiningRetail E & FCyberpod One
PALOfficeR2 & R3Cyberpod One
MinistopDiningR5Cyberpod One
Infinite EdgeOfficeR1Cyberpod One
GENPACTOfficeRetail J & HCyberpod One
WIPROOfficeG/MCyberpod One
House Of LasagnaDiningRetail DCyberpod Two
Volvo CarsOfficeRetail A, B and CCyberpod Two
Medicard PhilippinesOfficeRetail E, F and GCyberpod Two
KumonServicesRetail H & ICyberpod Two
Gloria JeansDiningRetail CCyberpod Three
Yellow CabDiningRetail DCyberpod Three
Bobby BoxDiningRetail JCyberpod Three
T-ArkDiningRetail BCyberpod Three
ConvergysOfficeGF K & LCyberpod Three
RMH Teleservices Asia Pacific, Inc.OfficeGF E & FCyberpod Three
7-elevenDiningRetail ICyberpod Three
Max'sDiningRetail ACyberpod Three



WiproGround Floor, 5th, 6th & 7thCyberpod One
GenpactGround Floor, 9th, 12th, PCyberpod One
Neda8th FloorCyberpod One
Unisys9th FloorCyberpod One
Pascual9th FloorCyberpod One
Standard Chartered Bank10th FloorCyberpod One
PSPI10th FloorCyberpod One
Pascual (PCHC)10th FloorCyberpod One
PSA11th FloorCyberpod One
Hewlett PackardWhole BuildingCyberpod Two
Expert Global SolutionsWhole South TowerCyberpod Three
Mondelez6F North TowerCyberpod Three
Convergys7-14th Floor North TowerCyberpod Three
Accenture15th Floor North TowerCyberpod Three
Philippine Statistics Authority16 & 17th Floor North TowerCyberpod Three
PIDS18th Floor North TowerCyberpod Three
Flamingo BPO Solutions19 & 20th Floor North TowerCyberpod Three
Cybersoft21st Floor North TowerCyberpod Three
Eclaro21st Floor North TowerCyberpod Three



Saying “I do,” launching a new product, reuniting with family you haven’t seen in years, training managers for a new task—whatever the event, Elements can host it. At 1,165 square meters, it is a spacious venue that can hold any occasion. With two grand halls that can house up to 350 people each and can be joined for bigger audiences, it also has suite rooms that can serve as secluded areas for organizers, caterers, and materials that need to kept in store, not to mention a sizeable parking area and landscaped gardens for a more relaxed environment. 

And because Elements is in Eton Centris, you can be certain nobody gets lost getting to your event. Easy to find and accessible via major thoroughfares in Quezon City, it is smack in the middle of a quickly industrializing area teeming with leisure spots and lively workplaces.



Want to find out more about our promotions and events? Get in touch with us. We’d love to tell you more.

Contact Number : +632 738 4206